Using the latest techniques in Quality Control and by continuously measuring and improving our Quality we ensure the product is made to your requirements first time.

Mesh is supplied exclusively from the recognised world-leading supplier of stainless steel mesh.

All mesh parameters are carefully checked on receipt at MCI and continuously monitored and rechecked during the screen making process.

Screen tension is checked using the latest electronic equipment to ensure precise measurement control and conformance to specification.

For those customers requiring exposed screens we offer the highest standards of workmanship available. Our combination of top quality emulsion and our experience working with exposed screens means we can ensure resolution of the finest artwork, whatever the application.

Each screen produced has unique and complete traceability to point of manufacture, including mesh lot, epoxy and emulsion batch numbers.

Within the UK, we are the holders of several prestigious supplier awards, and the recognised first choice for hybrid screens.

Fully registered in the UK to ISO9001. Our Quality management system is constantly being updated to improve the service we offer our customers.

developing quality screens
developing quality screens