MCI Screen Technology

MCI recommends direct liquid emulsion for their screens and is able to provide any emulsion thickness build up with a +/- 2um accuracy. The direct emulsion coating perfected by MCI over 30 years results in a longer screen life on the production line due to an exceptionally strong emulsion adhesion to the mesh wires. Dedicated screen production lines for Photovoltaics ensure smooth and regular customer delivery.

Highest Quality Aluminium Frames

MCI’s cast aluminium frames are expertly designed for dimensional stability and mesh tension retaining properties. Each frame is accurately ground and inspected for flatness, parallelism, mounting hole location and thread size (possibly with inserts). A complete variety of frame sizes used and required by the Photovoltaic Industry are available, currently ranging from 10×10 to 15×15 inches. Frames can be recycled which offers a significant cost saving option for the customer.

Top Quality Stainless Steel Mesh

MCI uses only the finest stainless steel wire cloth from a leading mesh supplier, with exclusive deliveries to MCI’s stringent specifications. A full range of mesh counts is available to meet your optimum printing requirements for front and back wafer sides. The MCI advanced mesh tensioning process guarantees durable mesh tension stability within +/- 2 N/cm, recommended for high precision printing in Photovoltaic applications.

MCI Screen Emulsions

Direct (or indirect) emulsions are applied dust and particle free to any specified thickness within +/- 2um tolerance to ensure maximum screen to screen reproducibility during the printing. The finest lines down to 50 um are perfectly exposed within +/- 5um, ensuring the stable electrical properties of the printed patterns. All lines and patterns are 100% optically inspected to guarantee a totally defect free screen delivery to the production printing line. Specific colour contrast treatment of the fiducials can be applied to improve the necessary resolution for the alignment system on the printer.

Pattern Description and Design Data

MCI is capable of accepting screen pattern data either by a drawing or electronically in a majority of data formats.

Solar screen design